Philp and Benn beware: Ignore Croydon South and we’ll turn it into an anarchist enclave

Chris Philp and Emily Benn, the Tory and Labour candidates in Croydon South seem to have geography problems. They are likely to be seen strutting their stuff in Croydon Central rather than trying to engage voters in the constituency they are standing.

Such is life with Croydon Central being a swing seat. It’s obvious that Philp feel;s so confident he’ll win in the South that he can swan around helping Tory squirrel-a-like Gavin Barwell to lose. Frankly, Barwell’s lab experiment, Mario the Creatura, is doing that very well on his own.

I bet Barwell is relieved that Mario hasn’t yet given up helping him lose the seat.

Meanwhile Emily Benn is so convinced of failure she has nothing to lose in helping Barwell’s successor, Sarah Jones to cross the finish line first.

Ooh look Emily ventured south for a while…

But the effect on Croydon South is even less political engagement than usual. Residents deserve better. As an anarchist I want to see people being able to take a more active role in the communities where they live. On the one hand this just makes the process all the harder as we don’t have anyone to discuss our issues with. On the other hand…

Maybe this is our chance! If our potential representatives can’t be arsed to engage with us perhaps we should start the process for ourselves and reject the parliamentary system all together. We could hold a general assembly in the constituency with the first item for discussion being our breakaway from the United Kingdom.

The next part in the process would be to disband into community assemblies and select delegates to form a citizen’s council. The delegates would report to the community assemblies in order for the people to tell them how to vote at council meetings. Delegates who disobey the community would be replaced immediately. Anyone could become a delegate. Anyone could speak at the community assemblies and the general assembly, which would take precedence over the Citizen’s Council and meet in emergency session to decide on matters which need the authorisation of the whole constituency. Decisions would flow upwards from the community to the Citizens Council. We would have as many Community assemblies as necessary to ensure everyone’s voice be heard.

General assembly

Once we are no longer a part of this fucking awful country, which is a byword for corruption, and with no Monarchy to feed and MPs to fund we will be able to organise ourselves more effectively. The Met Police can be replaced with a number of citizen forces that would respond to emergencies, investigate issues and secure us from attack by the powerful state that would surround us. They would be answerable to the Citizens Council. No more deaths in custody; no more executions in broad daylight.

We would be able to take a more relaxed and constructive approach to those that transgress the rules of our new society. I would propose that justice be re-modeled to ensure that retribution is not the primary aim. Revenge should be replaced by a desire for justice to achieve community cohesion. We should focus on getting transgressors to be part of our new society rather than simply locking them up so they are out of mind. Justice should be kind to everyone for the alternative is division and chaos.

We believe in no borders and we want other communities to join us. We would pledge to work with other anarchist communities around the world in federation and ensure that we send delegates to work with such communities in the UK. We would readily allow free passage to and from our community to anyone wishing to visit or work without hindrance or the need for documentation.

Abolition of public schools and the creation of anarchist education establishments would allow us to take an approach to education that focuses on the individual entering learning to discover their path in life. Children would not be taught via rigid discipline and time constraints. They would not be tested continuously. Teachers, pupils and parents would run schools together democratically. Education is a life long desire and need. It will be free for all. We would end the crazy policy of fitting education around the economy and create a system that allows people to develop potential beyond simple employment needs.

We would work on ensuring that the wealth of our constituency is shared among all . Our democratic structures will extend into the workplace to remove the bosses so that the workers themselves select delegates to sit on the board of directors. Jobs will be designed around skills and the reality of what needs doing in a given area. This will allow workers the freedom to experiment with their skills and develop without hierarchical exploitation. The board of directors would be replaced regularly. Everyone will have a home. Everyone will have a job. Everyone will have extra time to spend with their loved ones. Everyone will be provided with food, shelter and healthcare.

Thank goodness for my policy of a 4 hour working day / 20 hour working week. W’ll need the extra time at our disposal to keep the system working comrades.

So if Philp and Benn don’t want to spend time in Croydon South and just take us for granted let’s get our house in order and take it out of their control.



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