The most boring election ever? Not if you follow Class War! #GE2015

We’ve witnessed the dullest election since records on boredom began. There’s a week to go in what feels like a never ending story but at Class War we’ve kept people entertained!

The media were instantly impressed by Adam’s views on violent insurrection and twisted them brilliantly. Daily Mirror: Class War Candidate Calls for a Violent Revolution.

2015-02-19 19.10.07

We launched our manifesto at Buckingham Palace.

We marched through Soho.

We got followed by the cops wherever we went.

We gave as good as we got. From Chingford to Sherwood, the Sheriff’s men were slapped down.

Speaking truth to power is a wonderful thing. Shouting it is even better. We have the best hecklers in politics.

We attended our hustings and exposed the policies of the Tories. They will kill people and we have all suffered enough. In Chingford, Iain Duncan Smith ran in fear of our candidate, Lisa McKenzie.

The most dangerous banner in Britain was confiscated by police (it has been freed though and is currently at a secret location following a daring raid on Bethnal Green Cop Shop).

We’ve made interesting headlines across the country: In Croydon South, Sherwood, Litchfield, Chingford, Westminster, Maidenhead and Norwich South.

We made our views known on the Labour apologism of Owen Jones.

Owen Jones - Getting Away With It

If this has been the most boring election ever, you’re following the wrong stuff, the wrong parties and listening to the wrong people. It’s been a blast and with a week to go there’s still more to come. On election night Class War will emerge with the balance of power in a new Parliament. You can imagine the scene at Tory HQ.


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