Don’t vote Tory / Don’t vote for @chrisphilp4mp in #Croydon South – Here’s why #GE2015

On Thursday many people will unthinkingly vote for the Tories and Chris Philp in Croydon South. I say unthinkingly because it takes a mind that hasn’t truly grasped reality to make such an error. I don’t believe that people with a full understanding of such actions would do something so damaging to their fellow human beings. Here’s what a vote for Philp means:

It’s a vote for hierarchy. Why would you vote for it? It’s a vote for being controlled. Are you crazy? Why would you vote to have people above you? Look at the people above you: your boss, the cops, the monarchy, the rich, the powerful. None of them deserve their prestige.

A vote for the Tories is a vote for death and destruction – Tory policies kill. Tory voters have that on their conscience. Just look at the number of people hungry and homeless as a result of their policies. Look again at the increase in suicides of those on benefits since 2010. Tory policies kill.

It’s a vote for devastation at home and abroad – don’t vote for controls on immigration when western imperialism and war cause so many people to be displaced. You can’t support Tory wars and then feel upset about people dying in the Mediterranean. The one is caused by the other! We need open borders and an end to being told where we can and cannot go.

At home we are seeing a rise in evictions and people are being moved from communities they have lived in for decades. Don’t vote for such terrorism. The Tories are the domestic extremists and they need to be stopped. They are destroying communities.

Don’t vote for increased police powers. The Tories always give the cops whatever they want. You’re voting for your own suppression! The Metropolitan Police are the armed wing of a mob that can get away with executing people in the street in broad daylight. Their success rate at combating crime is pathetic. They turn up late and do fuck all. Meanwhile they’ll help bailiffs drag people out of their homes and they’ll increase surveillance of what they term “domestic extremists”. They are ruthless. A vote for the Tories is a vote for injustice and state oppression.

Don’t vote for the Thatcherites. What is it that they admire about Thatcher? Is it that she left mining communities in tatters? Is it that she started the continuing project to put all that we hold dear in private hands so that our very lives depend on the rich making a profit? We now know that she colluded to cover up a secret establishment peadophile ring that appears to have had poor children bused into Westminster to be abused and murdered. She protected top politicians, the secret service and police chiefs from facing justice. A vote for the Tories is a vote for the hierarchy that hides such corruption. When I hear that Philp is inspired by Thatcher it makes me want to wretch. Why is he silent on her corruption?

A vote for the Tories is a vote to end the NHS. They are selling it to their mates. I said as much on stage at the hustings to Philp. He sneered at me for suggesting it. He claims they’re not. It’s a lie. More and more of it is being farmed out for private profit. That is privatisation. He can lie all he wants on the issue. It simply underlines his lack of integrity.

A vote for the Tories is a vote for dangerous nuclear weapons and power. They tell us we need them to be safe and they tell us the power is clean. Neither is true. Our safety is not dependent on being able to destroy the world. Our safety is dependent on finding understanding between nations and ending inequality. Our power needs can be found in renewable energy that is totally free. That’s why the Tories hate it. Nuclear Power could kill us at home. Nuclear weapons could kill millions of people just like us abroad and for what horrendous purpose?

A vote for the Tories is a vote for the bosses. They will love it. They set our wages and they set the political agenda because they fund the parties. This system belongs to them and all you’re really doing is electing some people to help them manage it. Philp is a millionaire. He wants to keep his job as financier to property developers and get a £67,000 MPs salary plus expenses. He’ll be on the make and on the take with public money, our money!

Philp says he believes in small government. He’s so arrogant he feels he should be a large voice within it! If he wants a small government why doesn’t he just keep his nose out of parliament. No, he wants to be right in there, snout in the trough, getting his extra salary and making laws to govern us all. He wants a small government alright but one where his views and policies come to the fore. What a fucking hypocrite!

What we need on Thursday is a rejection of the failed ideology and dogma of the Tories. Philp is ambitious – I’m afraid we will be hearing about his exploits for many decades to comes. He is likely to vote for Thatcherite, right-wing reforms that will accelerate the neoliberal project. He wrote a report for the Taxpayers’ Alliance calling for workfare, where companies get slave labour and workers have to toil for their benefits. Don’t be a part of that project by helping him. Anyone voting for the Tories needs to think about the suffering it will cause and instead vote for something bigger and better.


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