#ToriesOutNow Event: Got the Blues – Building an Alternative to the Tories

Tomorrow night I’ll be speaking at an event organised by Birmingham City University on the outcome of the general election.

Did you wake up last Friday morning with the Tory blues? Given their plans to savagely cut the public sector and welfare spending; cuts taxes for the rich and allow the private sector further and further into the NHS and schools; increase tuition fees and scrap human rights legislation and protections at work… who could blame you. Worse still they plan to ‘reform’ the system so that next time their 37% of the vote get them even more power.

During the next 5 years of this Tory nightmare, we need to build a proper alternative so that this can never happen again. If you are anti-Tory, then join us as we start the conversation of where to go from here.

Speakers include:

Ben Puusta – Left Unity

Jonathan Bigger – Class War

Malia Bouattia – NUS Black Students Officer

Kirsten Forkert – Birmingham City University

What I’m hoping to hear from the panel is how we can shift things in the next 5 years to prevent as much of the legislation they have planned from being enacted. We need to decide how we can disrupt their plans as much as possible. It should be a very interesting discussion!


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