Carswell misunderstands violence and the part he plays in it

I didn’t witness the hassle that Douglas Carswell ‘suffered’ at the hands of the ‘mob and the ‘far-left’. I’d got separated from the main body of the demonstration and never caught up with it. I have noticed from the footage that it lasted a few minutes, caused no harm and he had instant protection.

He has since been on TV talking about his terrifying experience and has written a long piece of bullshit for the Telegraph. In his outpouring of drivel he speculates on two themes. The first is how the left is anti-democratic because they appear not to accept the election result. The second is that the left is a mob that is out of touch with reality and disappearing fast.

Far from being anti-democratic, what Carswell fails to understand is that democracy is something that many of us want and don’t have access to. He’d just spent the day listening to an unelected woman tell him what her Government (elected with the support of just 24% of the people) intended to inflict on the population. They want to scrap our rights, make it harder for us to strike and use ‘extremism’ laws to shut us up. All of us. Anyone they dislike.

I don’t speak for the left but speaking for myself I want direct democracy where we decide on matters personally and where we can’t we delegate someone from our workplace or community to do so on our behalf. I want an end to capitalism so that we work for ourselves and each other without having to work for a boss. That’s democracy, chum, not the thing you get massive wealth and privilege out of.

Far from being in the last part of life, the left is teeming with new recruits and radical ideas that can solve the problems of the world. By scraping away the ruling class and creating an egalitarian society we can learn to respect each other and heal the divisions created by capitalism and the state.

Carswell clearly doesn’t understand his own position in the violence of the system. He understood it for a fleeting moment in the eye of the storm as he was pushed about and shouted at. But he fails to understand that this is a constant threat for some of us.

Britain excels in a system of institutional violence in which the state enjoys a monopoly; and it intends to keep hold of it.  The narrative is that state violence is OK but other forms are illegitimate.

When people are evicted against their will from the homes they have lived in for decades it happens with brutal force. Bailiffs violently remove people, backed up by the police who are there to add to the violence if necessary. On demonstrations the police are often resorting to violence. I was recently thrown to the floor on a demonstration. I was surrounded by them in the same manor that Carswell was surrounded by the ‘mob’. I didn’t have any protection and they had evil intentions. My tormentors were armed with batons and stun guns and wore battle armour. I’ve seen it happen on so many occasions to others. I’ve seen people snatched from the crowd and set upon by the mob of cops. I’ve seen people struck by them.

This violence is routine but legitimate in the eyes of Carswell and indeed the vast majority of people. This is where Carswell is right. The system has huge support. But this is the thing about democracy: having huge support isn’t enough when the thing being supported is anti-democratic in itself. We have a system that is laughably called a democracy. It is not a democracy. When you have an unelected head of state… hell, when you have a state of any kind don’t kid yourself it’s democratic. Democracy should be about the people ruling. Instead we are ruled over with the constant threat of violence. We might not have the majority with us on every single issue but we’re right.

Stop moaning Carswell, or start moaning about the violence that you help perpetuate. Renounce the violence of the state! If you believe in democracy renounce the government which 76% of the population didn’t vote for! Renounce the monarchy! Or else we might be forgiven for assuming that your bleatings are just rancid posturing and ideological slight of hand.

Video from a previous demo:


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