June 20th: Fuck Austerity

On June 20th The Peoples’ Assembly is organising a demonstration in London which threatens to be another boring A-B march with very little resistance and rebellion shown to the authorities. Instead of congregating at the Bank of England and deciding from there where the movement will go, they have planned a march to Parliament ending in a picnic whilst listening to very important people like Dianne Abbott tell us all about revolution and holding down a BBC career.

Let the boralariat do their march. May it rain on their sarnies and may they wet themselves listening to Owen Jones. The rest of us can decide democratically on the day what to do. Spontaneous marches, occupations, direct action – there’s a world of possibilities while the mainstream left repeat the same failed strategy over and over for the next five years in the hope that in 2020 Labour will be even more neoliberal and get elected to govern over us.

Class War will be meeting at the start of the march – not in any bloc as we don’t feel we need to divide ourselves into easy to manage groups. Then we’ll decide together what to do with the day. If you want to march, have a picnic, listen to Green Party speeches, and then moan about the BBC not covering the protest then go with the Peoples’ Assembly to Westminster. If you want to change the world, stay at the Bank of England and get stuck in.

20150620 Fuck Austerity


4 thoughts on “June 20th: Fuck Austerity

  1. Best Wishes for a Great Day!!!. Pity I can’t walk any distance. Just don’t get Arrested by any of our Wonderful British Bobbies!!!, shame we don’t have them anymore. I believe they work for a Mr.G.Osborne these days.

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