It’s Class War on June 20th. #EndAusterityNow #ToriesOutNow

Class War have released the following statement on their facebook page regarding the demonstration on Saturday.

CLASS WAR statement on June 20th

On Saturday June 20, CLASS WAR takes the fight against austerity to the belly of the beast – the Bank of England.

Tens of thousands of our class – more than will march on Saturday – have died in austerity.

More die every day, our public services are wrecked, and millions of us live half lives in poverty.

But Austerity HQ in the City remains untouched.

We intend to occupy this belly of the beast. We didn’t choose it, on a day when it’s closed. But we will not march away from it into a Parliament Square “kettle” for speeches we have all heard before.

This rotten institution has planned murderous austerity, hand in glove with the State, and is itself being investigated for corruption.

It sets the gold standard for greed and criminality in the City which is leading us to a new crash. It will make the last one look like a picnic in Parliament Square.

There is massive anger in our working class communities. We have had enough.

But the response of the traditional “Left” is stifling our anger and directing it down dead ends:

– Boring A to B marches organised by self-appointed committees working alongside police, with dull speeches either end…is kettling our anger.

– Telling union leaders to call general strikes when we know they won’t, and lobbying Labour to end austerity when it backs austerity…is betraying our anger.

– Arguing about another (failed) unity project, and collaborating with right wing media in attacking those fighting austerity…risks turning anger into despair.

If there is violence on Saturday, it will come first from the State and its police forces. If we are attacked, we will defend ourselves.

The anti-austerity fight is at a turning point. The time to change tactics is now.

We will not accept any more deaths in our working class communities, but the ruling class wants many more deaths, and has speeded up cuts and privatisations.

We are in a war, a CLASS WAR. Stop pretending it’s something else.

See you in the City on Saturday June 20, at midday, Bank of England.

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