Media and Cops Far Too Excited Ahead of #EndAusterityNow Protest

Snapshot(33)spainsTomorrow thousands of people from all over the UK are heading to London to protest against austerity. The harsh policies are being driven through by an illegitimate government voted in by a minority of the people.

Since the election the Daily Mail has been shrieking incessantly about a “Summer of Thuggery” and warning against the anarchist menace. Following the demo in Whitehall after the election they produced this amazing example of journalistic practices being pissed up against a wall (note that one of their pictures is actually of a police officer thumping a protester). They followed that up by spunking this all over a printing press. Then in an effort to actually look like real journalists who are paid to write they came up with an article I can only assume was vomited after a nasty bug.

The title is so hyperbolic it can be seen from space: “Austerity riot plot of the facemask anarchists: Far-left activists secretly filmed by MoS bragging about plans to hijack peaceful demonstrations in London”. They claim to have infiltrated a group plotting terrible acts. Firstly, they didn’t infiltrate anything. They attended a public meeting where people spoke openly about causing disruption – which is the main point of a protest. Secondly they secretly recorded that public meeting. For the far left, particularly within anarchist circles, secret recordings have a special place in our understanding of the world. They are normally used to help us break down hierarchy and oppression. In this case the Mail used them to help prop up hierarchy and oppression. The practice has no validity in such a circumstance.

Unfortunately there have been examples of ‘leaders’ within the People’s Assembly (who erroneously believe that because they organised the demo it belongs to them) using the Daily Mail articles to undermine the wider movement. There are always careerists wanting to put their own sorry arses above the movement, I guess, but they should be ashamed to have backed the Mail and stabbed everyone else in the back.

Meanwhile since the election the Met Police has been very excited to find people it claims caused disorder offences at the Whitehall demo and other protests. I only saw the cops being violent and I won’t be spreading the photos of people they want to persecute here. This week, just days before the End Austerity Now protest they started to arrest people. Let’s be clear, this is a series of pre-arrests of people they feel shouldn’t be on the street on Saturday. They are trying to send the public a message and they are trying (and failing) to intimidate us. Some of those arrested have had bail restrictions placed on them not to attend the “Ant [sic] Austerity” protest.



And now tedious newspaper of the financiers City AM have got in on the act. Their report is designed to show a fractured left and it is an attempt to blame Class War in advance for any trouble, when we know already it’ll be caused by the cops. I do like the quote from the police though that they are “not aware of any pre-arrests ahead of this weekend’s protest”.

The Class War message remains the same. A-B marches won’t end austerity now or any time soon. Our problems are caused by the City of London so why march away from the place? Stay and decide tomorrow what to do. To the media and the police we have to say a big thank you for all the publicity!


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