I’ll Explain Later: Episode One

I’ll Explain Later is a new Dr Who podcast. The first episode unashamedly picks three stories which for various reasons are considered terrible by majority fan wisdom. Majority fan wisdom is normally wrong. Even the stinkers in Dr Who can be lots of fun.

In this episode the stories being looked at are The Horns of Nimon, Love and Monsters and The Twin Dilemma. Nimon I’m not too familiar with (I couldn’t get through it the last time I tried) but the other two I’ve watched a number of times. Love and Monsters is a modern classic as far as I’m concerned. The Series 2 Doctor-lite story which focuses on Who fans seems to annoy them rather a lot. I think it has fandom nailed and manages to tell a great story at the same time. It’s a theme Russell T Davies touched on in his first episode, Rose, where a different type of fanatic was explored via the character of Clive.

The Twin Dilemma is atrocious but it’s so atrocious it’s fun to watch in a group. Getting pissed to the worst excesses of 1980’s Dr Who is a bit of a guilty pleasure. So what if the dilemma of the title never reveals itself? As picked up in the podcast it’s amazing that someone thought this story was a good idea, that it should introduce the new Dr in Colin Baker and that it should be the season ending story.

The podcast can be found on Itunes or via the website.


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