Russell Brand’s new delusion: #lovethepolice

I thought Brand had retired. Now he’s got 2 delusional things going on. The first is that him telling people not to vote swung the election for the Tories. The second that the world would be fluffy and nice if only people showed the cops some love.

So don’t forget if you’re being evicted from your home

or if they’re stitching you up in court with dodgy evidence

or if they’re beating you at a demo

or if they’ve shot a family member dead and are then lying by claiming that they had a gun

or if they’ve arrested someone you know and that person dies in custody

or if they’re walking around railways stations with submachine guns looking for a massacre

or if they’re doing fuck all to deal with a rape allegation

or if they stop and search you just because of the colour of your skin

look, just love them. It’ll make everything better.*

It’s time for Russell Brand to shut up. He’s dangerous and a distraction. He’s going to sap the anger and the will out of any movement he tries to infiltrate. Millionaire white men rule the world. They run it. Liberation will not come through them.

This is not an exhaustive list. Their shit goes on and on.


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