“Control Immigration! Yesterday! And Forever!” #NoBorders

You can’t control immigration. It’s impossible. You don’t know how many immigrants are in your country. Your government doesn’t know. Nobody needs to know either. Borders are imaginary lines, constructed for the good of a ruling class that seeks to divide us. I fear where we’re headed when we allow them to get away with it.

In a land that knowledge forgot there was a King with many heads. The King would walk around the palace talking to himself. Sometimes the other heads would listen and then other times they wouldn’t but generally the King made decisions that seemed to suit him perfectly.

The kingdom had once been considered as magnificent. It had been an empire and the King had even more heads but as the kingdom declined and the empire was lost those heads withered and died. The people cried each time they saw the King and another head was shriveled. They despised not being important across the lands anymore, even though this great empire had only ever really benefited the many headed king. The King knew the decline was his failure and that he still remained rich and powerful despite it but he couldn’t permit that understanding to be public so he tried desperately to find others to blame.

His Media head had been churning out stories about immigrants for years. His Executive head had been making speeches about being tough on immigration for years.  His Legislative Head had been threatening new laws about it for years. Over time these messages seeped into the public consciousness. In the market people were heard saying “the kingdom is full”. In the drinking house someone said “they’re taking our jobs” and got a round of applause and beer! In the public baths someone waited until it was very steamy before they whispered “they come over here with diseases” but even though that person couldn’t be seen someone else shouted out “shut up Farage you racist cunt”.

One day, something happened that had never happened before. The King’s heads all spoke at the same time and said the same thing. The noise was deafening and ringed out across the kingdom. People stopped what they were doing when they heard the bellowing coming from the court. “Control immigration! We should have done this yesterday! Control it forever! Build the wall!”

And so a wall around the kingdom was built. It stretched from the unenchanted forest all the way to the sea. They even built a section of wall at the beach just in case anyone tried to get in that way. The King’s head responsible for money, the Budget head, came up with rules to allow certain people in if they were identified as “alchemists”. “We mustn’t shut out the wealth creators” he shouted at the the other heads.

For a time the people and the King were happy. But after a while they felt uneasy. The wall was very high and it blocked the view of the pleasant lands beyond their border. They could no longer see or even here the gentle lapping of the waves on their shoreline. They stopped learning about all the wonderful and magical things and places and beings in the rest of the world. Sadly, they started to decline even further. The King couldn’t believe it. The Media head blamed it on the immigrants who had come to the kingdom before the wall was built. The people started to believe it and one day someone suggested that perhaps the wall just wasn’t enough…


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