Not Ending the siege of Gaza

A few months ago I heard that there would be another flotilla to Gaza. I was pretty excited and a number of years back I would have wanted to be involved. Seeing footage from the Mavi Marmara in 2010 of Israeli forces storming that ship and shooting people put me off a bit but not enough to stop the urge to get involved.

Recently I met someone who had a family member involved with such a trip. Their relative was locked up and badly treated by Israel. It struck me what a failure the trip had been. What put me off the most was the fact that this could become routine behaviour. Every so often we stock a boat with supplies, we encourage young people to get on it and they get boarded, and locked up or worse.

We know how Israel is going to behave and we know the international community will not do much to stop them, even if they shoot people. Today, the latest ship has been boarded and is now being escorted by the Israeli’s. There we go. You get a few days of news coverage. Well done. Now think again.

At least this time nobody has been killed.


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