World Motor Sport Council: F1 Sperlicence changes and a new e-licence for Formula e drivers

The FIA World Motorsport Council met last Wednesday to discuss various aspects of the sport. Some very interesting issues have arisen out of the meeting including a revision to the points needed for an F1 superlicence plus a new e-licence procedure for drivers entering Formula e. The FIA press release can be read here.

The F1 superlicence system now has five championships listed as awarding 40 points, should a driver win that championship. In the case of the new FIA Formula 2 championship (which looks increasingly to be a re-branded GP2 if sense prevails) 40 points are also awarded for 2nd and 3rd places. With a driver requiring 40 points over the course of the previous 3 years of racing it provides a clear route towards F1 if a driver wishes to head in that direction. Of course what it doesn’t do is sort out the bonkers financial situation for an up and coming driver who may have the required superlicence points but lacks sponsor backing.

With regards to Formula e the FIA has specified that an e-licence can only be issued if a driver has undergone an electrical safety course and earned 20 points towards an F1 superlicence. This is an interesting link between F1 and Formula e, which in effect means that the F1 superlicence system could be applied to ever more series in some form or another.

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