Close down the Ripper Museum: Wednesday 5th August, 6pm

There’s been a lot of anger since the Jack the Ripper Museum was unveiled a few days ago with calls for protests to see if it can be closed down. The calls are coming from local residents and activist groups including the Class War Womens Death Brigade. This tourist attraction glorifies violence against women.

The Class War demo is timed for 6pm on Wednesday the 5th August. Join us!

20150805 Jack the Ripper Museum


One thought on “Close down the Ripper Museum: Wednesday 5th August, 6pm

  1. Protests against WHAT exactly? A new attraction bringing increased footfall to local East End businesses? A museum documenting what is part of Victorian East End history?

    I assume these same protesters are disrupting the nightly Jack The Ripper walking tours which leave from Tower Hill tube station? And demonstrating outside the Tower of London which has attractions inside such as Execution Square and The Bloody Tower, and outside The London Dungeon? These all ‘glorify violence’ in the same way this new museum is accused of doing.

    I only hope future protests at the new museum will be more civilised, without shouts such as “Police protect the rapists!” and “Mark f*ck off!”, plus worse language, which was chanted at the protest on Wednesday. The protesters claim to be acting ‘for the community’, after all, which includes children passing the demonstration.

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