Jack the Ripper Museum and Diversity

The owner of the Jack the Ripper Museum has gone to great lengths to whine on about his expertise in the field of diversity. Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe has claimed that nobody believes in women’s rights more than he does. Obviously, nobody could care more about women’s rights than a middle aged white bloke. It stands to reason innit?

Mr Palmoil-CucumberSmythe was once Google’s global head of diversity and has written about the issue. He quite rightly c;aims that businesses do better when they employ people with diverse skills and experiences. Yes, that’s right. Companies do better when they don’t ignore the fact that people might be talented regardless of their skin colour, sex, sexuality etc. Well done Mr Edgy-Cum-Lately. The problem of course with this focus on diversity is that it contains zero class analysis and is entirely about making money.

Diversity for people in the real world is linked with equality; through our differences we band together in the hope of a more equal world. We don’t do that in the hope that we can then leave our comrades behind and make a quick stash of cash. Google and the corporations of the world take note: our diversity is a strength in itself not a tool to be exploited for your shareholders.

Maybe this focus on diversity without equality explains to us what Tinker-Tailor-Soldier-Edgecumbe is all about. This museum is an affront to diversity, an affront to equality. It’s a cheap and tacky gimmick aimed at getting money out of the murder of East End women. It feeds on the stereotypical degrading of sex work and sex workers.

Diversity without equality is a con. When you take class out of the equation you’re left with a new exploitation. Your new masters may look more diverse but they’re still screwing you over. The old aim still remains: emancipation for all!

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