100ish days of Tory rule – or 1725 to go until the next election

Just over a hundred days in and the message is still the same – we need resistance on the streets.

What happens to Labour isn’t the issue. What the Tories do and can get away with while Labour is squabbling internally is the issue. We face the possibility of a split Oppostion or a neoliberal one that doesn’t actually attack the government on policy. Well done.

Resistance should be welcomed wherever it’s found and let’s face it Corbyn would be better than any of the other three but when it comes to changing things we can’t wait for 1700 days. We can’t just allow them a free ride until then.

When I won a spectacular 65 votes in the general election in May I used my victory speech to call on people to get onto the streets and fight Tory rule in their communities. There is still a lot of this to be done. Over the next 4 and a half years we will lose friends and family due to poverty inflicted upon us from our rulers. At every stage there will be the power to resist in whatever capcity we find it. We need to use that and learn from it. We need to bring others on board – it’s infectious. Direct action can be spread like a virus and with it collective, coopoerative and solidaristic actions become the norm.

These are the antidotes to the venomous neoliberal individuality the right are trying to make normal.

1725 days more of this shit. Not a second more! Let’s reduce it by whatever means necessary.


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