Have you been Corbyned?

It’s the latest mental state sweeping the nation. Have you been both bored yet strangely fascinated for the last few weeks in equal measure? Do you wake up excited and yet meh to check the latest news?

You’ve probably been Corbyned. It’s a new form of politics created specifically for the Labour leadership race. Very suitable for summer silly seasons, this new thang is liable to leave both a sweet and bitter taste in the mouth as you swallow all the latest twists and turns.

Burnham will allow Labour candidates to stand in Northern Ireland

Corbyn eats baked beans right out the tin

Kendall will stay in the race right to the bitter end despite being in the wrong party (people keep telling her too but does she listen?)

Cooper will insist that she’s the most radical candidate just because she’s a woman.

Fascinating yet tedious. In a few minutes we will look back on these days and wonder how it was all possible.

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