Ruskin College, Oxford, England
Ruskin College, Oxford, England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, I’m Jon Bigger.  This site is primarily about issues in international trade unionism but from a unique perspective.  I’m undertaking an MA in International Labour and Trade Union Studies at Ruskin College in Oxford.  On top of highlighting theory and practice in the field I want to share my learning and the methods I use.  I’m dyslexic and this will undoubtedly throw up some interesting and difficult issues whilst I learn.  What I’m hoping to share is the total process and how my learning might influence my activity at branch level and in my other roles within the movement.

Until recently I was a trade union rep in the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS).  I’ve been a Branch Secretary representing over 300 members and I was also a Vice Chair of the PCS London and Southeast Regional Committee.  I sat on the PCS Editorial Board and I represented PCS at the SERTUC International Committee.  I was also the secretary for that committee.  All of this is behind me for now as I was recently made redundant so represent nobody but myself nowadays.

Whether you’re a trade unionist or fellow student or you just fancy reading along I hope you find this site enjoyable and useful.


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