Cops Curtail Freedom of Speech in the General Election – Class War visit Chingford

Yesterday Class War came to Chingford. We marched and campaigned for Lisa McKenzie, standing against the vile Iain Duncan Smith.

2015-03-14 12.58.52
We were greeted by the local Tory residents and those ready for a big change. Naturally the Tory voters looked rather shocked at our Lucy Parsons banner.

2015-03-14 13.27.13


People took our leaflets and we spoke the truth about austerity and the harm that it is doing to communities and individuals across the country. They beeped their car horns in support and some stopped to discuss the issues and congratulate us on making a stand.

However, the police trailed us in a van all afternoon. There were approximately eight officers who just kerb crawled their way around Chingford monitoring whatever we did.


2015-03-14 12.43.10
What a monumentally boring ‘job’


2015-03-14 13.10.16
The watchers


Let’s be clear: we were campaigning for the general election. These cops weren’t there to protect us like you see with the main parties. Neither were they there to enable safe protest. They were there to intimidate. The truth became all apparent when we started to hold up posters showing David Cameron with the word “Wanker” written across it. They can’t stand their bosses being ridiculed and so the big chief idiot got out of the van and came to tell us that if we didn’t put the posters away we would be arrested. Arrested for called the Prime Minister a wanker! What on earth is wrong with calling that cunt a wanker? The last part of the exchange was captured on video.



But we had a grand day out. Here’s some photos by Peter Marshall. I’ve added more of my own below.

2015-03-14 12.32.48
Meeting at the station


2015-03-14 12.36.55
Working new fangled technology
2015-03-14 12.59.07
Lisa giving the people of Chingford a clear choice in the election




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